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Originally known as ForeclosureRadar®, our foreclosure services are used by nearly 100% of the top foreclosure investors and Realtors within our coverage area. As the only service that actively tracks every foreclosure through the entire process, nothing else compares. Not even close.

  • More than just foreclosure notices.
  • The proven system for trustee sale investors.
  • The tools you need to be a foreclosure pro.

More than just foreclosure notices.

Most foreclosure services just provide a list of recorded foreclosure documents – Notices of Default, Notices of Trustee Sale or Trustees Deeds. We do that. More importantly, we also track the daily auction updates, so you know the current status of those foreclosures. Unlike all the other services that don’t track the auctions, our list of auction properties only includes active foreclosures that are currently scheduled for sale.

No more wasting time and energy on properties that have already been sold or cancelled – we update those items in near real time. Stay updated on postponements – we not only provide the new date, but the reason for the postponement too. And our same day tracking means you get information about new Bank Owned properties weeks before other services. If you value your time, and care about having current, accurate, foreclosure information, we are the world’s best foreclosure service.

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The proven system for trustee sale investors.

Our trustee sale investor customers have purchased nearly $40 billion dollars worth of property using our product since 2007. Our exclusive Trustee Sale Schedule feature allows you to easily see which foreclosures are scheduled for each sale every day. Sorted by status, auction location, and by time, following all the properties at dozens of auctions is now manageable. And, auction buyers no longer need to worry about writing down everything the auctioneer says.

Before ForeclosureRadar (now PropertyRadar), getting a complete list of properties scheduled for sale each day required standing on the steps for months. Because properties can be repeatedly postponed, you can’t simply get the latest list of notices from other services or the county, and show up—the majority of properties sold each day have been postponed. We eliminate this tedious process, and give you a complete list of properties scheduled for auction the moment you sign up.

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The tools you need to be a foreclosure pro.

While our timely notices, daily updates, and killer sale schedules make us the clear choice for trustee sale investors, short sale agents, attorneys and other foreclosure pros, we offer much more. Powerful foreclosure search with 100+ criteria including 13 different foreclosure stages allows you to do searches you simply can’t do anywhere else.

All the property and foreclosure details you need including property characteristics, estimated values, comps, equity, loan details, title history, maps, aerial photos and more. Rental and flip investment analysis. The ability to store photos, notes, files, bid amounts, title research and more, all shared in real-time with your entire team. We’ve been used by the majority of major news organizations to research foreclosure related stories on everything from foreclosure trends, to celebrity foreclosures. We are the service that the top foreclosure pro’s use, we’d love to have you join them.

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